The beginning after the story has started.

The coolest thing about kitesurfing with all the variables you have is choice!

Choosing to ride directional boards or twintips. Strapped twintips or bindings, Strapped directional or strapless, waist harness or seat harness, Wetsuit or boardies, C kite or bow kite. The list is endless. Windsurfers kitesurfers surfers and stand up paddleboarders alike have equipment that they use according to the discipline they follow.The thing they all have in common is the Ocean.

There is something about watching a film though that epitomizes the thing you love and leaves you walking away proud to be a part of the tribe.

This is one of those movies.

Since the the beginning this has been an awesome sport and after the launch of the Film “Upwind” many years ago there has been too many changes and additions to the game of kitesurfing for it to be ignored.

After watching the trailer alone its put it there that the next windy day I need to go and use the skill I spent so many years honing.

Enjoy the trailer and look forward to the full release soon.

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