El Tur 2011

When Oceansource took over in El Tur in 2007, it seemed an almost impossible task to turn a dilapidated windsurf centre into something that was fresh, exciting, contained the latest equipment and was managed by people with an undying passion for the sport. Well, sitting here in front of my laptop looking back at the last three years through rose tinted spectacles, I’d like to think we achieved just that.

Official opening 2007

Centre opening 2007

For sure, El Tur isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but what it has to offer in terms of windsurfing is second to none. I remember spending just 36 hours in Egypt checking the place out and within 30 minutes of arriving in El Tur, I was blown away by the place. The combination of perfect flat water, bump & jump, a point break, rolling swell and even a cross-onshore wave beach…its no wonder that so many clinics and camps have been held here over the years. This really is the ‘Ultimate Windsurfing Playground’.

Not just that, but the experience and feeling you get in El Tur is like no other place in Egypt. Firstly, tourism is virtually non-existent so you can relax and hang out with the locals in their shisha bars without every getting pestered by salesmen. Granted, you may get the odd kid telling you to “f*ck off” but that’s just their way of saying “welcome to my home”, is it not?

El Tur fruit stall

El Tur fruit stall

Anyway, 3 years later and things have moved on somewhat for Oceansource.net. We’re now a fully established Tour Operator with a developing portfolio of fabulous destinations dotted around the world so to run a centre alongside our new business venture no longer made sense.

Enter Ibi & Friends International, a well established organisation within Egypt that run an impressive chain of centres in Dahab, Zaafarana, Hurghada and El Nabaa with a friendly and professional atmosphere. Their passion and enthusiasm seems to rival ours which is why we could not ask for a more suitable bunch of guys to fill our boots and keep the momentum going in El Tur.

Centre re-opening with Ibi & Friends

Centre re-opening with Ibi & Friends

But rather than a simple sign switch at the office door, Ibi & Friends have made a sizable investment in equipment and infrastructure too that will hopefully keep you coming back for more. We’ll see brand new 2011 equipment from Hot Sails and F2 mixed with Fanatic and the latest North at your disposal. Meanwhile, the centre is receiving a face-lift to include new chill-out areas and even a ‘pool bar’, all scheduled for 2011 which makes it their largest operation in Egypt.

New centre, new kit

New centre, new kit

Even the hotel has started a renovation project that’s seen upgraded rooms so when you’re booking your next holiday with us, please ensure you check availability for those.

Upgraded rooms

Upgraded rooms

To celebrate the launch of our partnership, we are offering week-long land packages to El Tur for as little as £250/€286 (conditions apply) including 7-nights half-board, equipment rental and return airport transfers. And if you’re flying from the UK, you can still get flights for as little as £275 giving you an all-inclusive week-long holiday for just  £525/€598 – now that’s what you call a bargain!

Furthermore, El Tur has just seen the introduction of a new cable-tow system ideal for a spot of wake-boarding during no-wind days and makes a good training ground for those wanting to get into kitesurfing.



For those seeking a spot of luxury in El Tur, don’t forget the recently opened Habibi Beach hotel which is looking better than ever and will play host to Ant Baker’s first clinic to El Tur in June. If you want to get into wave-sailing, get your equipment tuned and work on your fitness, then this week is not to be missed!

WIndhaven Hotel, Habibi Beach

WIndhaven Hotel, Habibi Beach

So there you have it, a new year for El Tur to take you and your windsurfing ambitions to the next level. We hope to see you soon!

For more info or to book your holiday, please visit: www.oceansource.net

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