New Frontiers – Baja

Ok, so this place isn’t exactly new but ask anyone east of Manhatten whether they’ve been or even heard to Punta San Carlos (PSC), Baja, and you’re likely to get a subdued response. A pity really as this is one of those places that was created by the powers above and with action junkies in mind…….somewhere spiritual then.

Punta San Carlos

Welcome to Punta San Carlos!

Just over an hour’s flying south of San Diego by private propellor driven plane lies a camp like no other. This is a place that has been caressed and perfected over the year by a couple of ambitious Americans with an undying passion for the sports we love. They have literally made something out of nothing and turned it into one of the most unique experiences you could imagine be it for windsurfers, kitesurfers, SUP’ers, surfers or mountain bikers. A place so special, that when Jem Hall regular Nick Coleman was asked would he return, he simply responded “I’ll jump in a plane tomorrow without any hesitation”.

No mean feat really when you consider the travel time involved but again, its one of these places that seems to grab you without wanting to let go. Its therefore no wonder that UK wavesailing guru Jem Hall has been back 3 times fully loaded with a quiver and 10 very happy clients. This is what he had to say:

“Last August saw me enjoy my 3rd trip to PSC, Baja and my 2nd clinic. The first week was the photo-shoot and we kicked off the clinic on week 2. This place holds a special place in my heart and always steps up with the conditions, these are side off winds and waves from waist to logo or mast high, depending on the swell.

Jem Hall

Jem Hall smacking another lip

The trip involves a rendezvous in San Diego and then flying down the next day in 4-seater planes to arrive on a dirt runway right next to the camp when you are greeted, fed and in the water in 30 minutes, be it SUPing or wavesailing – straight away my crew and I know this is a special place.


No wind? Time for a SUP...

We had a good swell that lasted for about 10 days of the 2 weeks and my crew learnt how to get out better, where and how to catch waves and of course how to ride them in style. The main break is not that threatening so you can get out or hit the lip and still come out intact, this worked well as 6 of my crew were relatively novice ‘down-the-line’ wavesailors and after a week or so they got right into the groove.

Chilli Bowl

Loving the riding!

During the clinic I would show the previous day’s footage in the morning and either before or after this people would be learning or improving their SUPing / surfing or taking guided MTB rides. The waterperson time really helped them understand waves more, which led to better wavesailing performance for them.

Mountain Biking at PSC

Mountain Biking at PSC

Mountain Biking

Mountain Biking at PSC

The side off winds that are around force 4 – 6 are not too strong which keeps the waves clean and the sails manageable for riding. There is lots of kit from RRD, Quattro and Goya, with sails from Ezzy and top of the range Streamline booms and the staff and myself are on hand to help you tune.

This trip saw Dave White join me to write a travel feature for Boards Mag and he was, as ever, taking plenty of pics which you may have seen throughout my technique series ‘Wannabe a wavesailor’. The crew really improved their riding and were tasked to smack the lip as often as possible and go for some one-handed top turns and first aerials.



Downwind from the main break is a much faster wave at the Chilli Bowl, which the more adventurous sailors took on and enjoyed the faster waves on offer and of course some swimming. The different waves on offer gave me a great opportunity to test my new RRD WaveCult Quad 92 which resulted in smiling faces all round as the board was working great, easy planing, flew upwind, quick and so much speed and grip in the turns.

You sleep in super comfy tents, get a warm shower and are well fed and watered all day / every day, and there are plenty of chill-out areas with shade. The food is amazing and a combo of US style and Mexican cooking and as the sun goes down plenty of tequila and cerveza (beer) is drunk to toast the days action.


Lisa lining-up another rack

I was pushing my sailing hard to get good pics for my technique series but my crew were pushing equally hard so hats off to them and thanks. Well done, Lawrence and Marilyn, Joel and Sue, Jon and Sharon, Clive El Toro, Nick and Jeremy. And a big thanks to the Solosports crew and for arranging my bookings.

2012 is already filling up and I cannot recommend this place enough for a holiday or a coaching clinic and as they say at down there…you just don’t know until you go : )

For more information or to make a booking enquiry, please visit:

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