Sharks…what sharks?

Before we inform you of an exciting new business development, we feel its appropriate to update you with some basic facts that will hopefully eradicate any concerns you may have in relation to the recent shark attacks in Sharm El Sheikh.

The areas where we operate our windsurfing and kitesurfing holidays (El Tur and now Moon Beach, Ras Sudr) are located along the Gulf of Suez which is a predominantly shallow lagoon and therefore unsuitable habitat for sharks due to the absence of deep water reefs.

Oceansource Resorts, West Sinai

Oceansource Destinations, West Sinai, Egypt

Sharks are attracted to areas with strong currents rich in marine life. Such systems prevail in the area of Sharm El Sheikh where the Gulf of Suez (west Sinai) and Gulf of Aqaba (east Sinai) meet the Red Sea. Hence Sharm has become a global attraction for diving and snorkelling alike, suffice to say that shark attacks are extremely rare in this part of the world.

All we are able to report at our locations are sightings of dolphins, turtles, the odd ray and the usual dose of exotic marine life including Clown Fish, Triggerfish, Groupers and Unicorn Leatherjackets. We have no record of any shark sightings (of any variety) to date so hope this will offer you some peace of mind when it comes to considering Egypt as your next holiday destination.

Anyway, onto business matters now and its our absolute pleasure to inform you that Oceansource has been selected as exclusive UK tour operator for providing windsurf and kitesurfing holidays to the rustic resort of Moon Beach, Egypt. For those who have yet to sample Moon Beach, this location is no newcomer to the scene but has recently changed hands and seen impressive developments.

Moon Beach

Turquoise seas and white sands, welcome to Moon Beach!

New owners and new investment has given birth to a completely new windsurf centre and beach bar located literally within a few meters from the water’s edge. Here you can enjoy a sandwich over a cold beer or fresh smoothie whilst you choose the perfect moment to hop back onto your board for yet another blast out to sea (you’ve lost count by this point).

The fabulous Moon Beach beach bar

The fabulous (new) Moon Beach beach bar

The conditions at Moon Beach are a blend of reliable cross-shore winds combined with mostly flat on the inside, to bump and jump as you reach further out to sea. Lesser known is that Moon Beach does actually offer decent waves and these can be found breaking into the next bay upwind from the main windsurfing area.

Two other aspects of Moon Beach which one could argue make this resort unique, is that you can enjoy yoga on a daily basis as provided by the fully qualified in-house instructors and perhaps the more documented fact that you can almost be guaranteed to be windsurfing with dolphins. Yes, dolphins can at times be seen in abundance in this part of Egypt and add an exciting dimension to your holiday experience.

Windsurfing with Dolphins

Windsurfing with Dolphins

As with El Tur, just two hours south from Moon Beach, the hotel in itself is basic but comfortable, and a welcome experience for those looking to avoid more touristic intensive spots such as Dahab. It really is a great place to relax and unwind without the pressures of tourist associated trades. It may not be the easiest resort to reach due to its isolation, but this shouldn’t detract from a no-nonsense, laid-back vibe that envelopes you within minutes of your arrival at your beachfront chalet.

Beach Chalet

Beach Chalet

The windsurfing centre at Moon Beach is very impressive indeed and makes use of some of the best brands in the industry. The location on the whole offers something for any level of sailor. Whether you are a complete beginner or advanced windsurfer, the centre’s RYA qualified instructors are on-hand all day every day to provide any group or individual coaching as and when required.

For those looking for a more intensive week of windsurfing, you may want to consider a windsurfing clinic with Phil Richards and Danielle Lucas, in March 2011. This will be a comprehensive, fun-filled week of coaching and entertainment provided by two of the most experienced windsurfers in Egypt. Details here:

Moon Beach Freeride Heaven

Freeride Heaven

If you wish to sample Moon Beach for yourself in 2011 then please don’t hesitate to contact us on or call +44 (0)1243 374614.

By the way, latest news reports indicate that the beaches around Sharm El Sheikh have reopened and are therefore once again deemed to be safe.

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