Habibi Beach Hotel Opens

I can’t actually believe I’m saying this (drumroll please)………but it’s my absolute pleasure to announce the opening of the long awaited and much anticipated wave beach hotel at Habibi Beach, El Tur, Egypt (officially named the Windhaven Hotel).

Team Oceansource has just returned form a four day stay as the first guests to sample a new standard in windsurfing and kitesurfing holidays at this somewhat spiritual location. Situated just 5 minutes drive upwind from the main hotel and centre in El Tur, the Windhaven enjoys a unique setting characterised by the only true wave beach in Egypt. The location offers spectacular scenery coupled with a sense of isolation and tranquility despite finding itself 10 minutes from the quintessentially Egyptian town of El Tur.

Windhaven Hotel

Windhaven Hotel / Copyright Oceansource.net 2010

The hotel boasts 24 detached rooms all decorated to a high standard using the finest Egyptian materials. Each room comes with its own minibar, safe and flat-screen TV offering a broad range of news and entertainment channels. The bathrooms include a full length bath complemented by quality Ideal Standard fixtures and fittings as well as an electrically heated shower.

Windhaven Hotel

Windhaven Hotel / Copyright Oceansource.net 2010

The rooms are sold on a half-board basis which includes a continental style breakfast and tasty evening meals that are served at your table – no buffet which makes a welcome change and a testament to the individuality of this hotel.

Windhaven Hotel

Egyptian Breakfast / Copyright Oceansource.net 2010

Beware though, if you’re expecting an all singing all dancing family friendly resort a la Swiss Inn Dahab, this isn’t it. The Windhaven is a tastefully styled boutique hotel that offers no particular frills other than fun and relaxation, the elixir of life! This is a place you visit to unwind in spectacular surroundings, a no news no shoes type approach. For those still requiring the digital umbilical cord, rest assured that WIFI Internet access is available within the main hotel building as well as 3G mobile connectivity.

So what’s the crack?

Well, in terms of windsurfing and kitesurfing action, Habibi Beach is a cross-onshore starboard tack location (wind coming from the right). This is by no means a beginner-intermediate venue as there are waves aplenty which can sometimes reach logo high (near the reefs) on big days. Its therefore fair to say that this place seperates the men from the boys especially as its rugged with shallow reefs at both ends of the bay, although one of these can only be reached if you sail well upwind. But, it has a large, shallow sandy section about 750m wide and no shore dump which makes Habibi special and extremely accessible.

Habibi Beach

Habibi Beach / Copyright Oceansource.net 2010 (Photo: Danielle Lucas)

The waves come rolling in at a gentle pace and with sufficient spacing to allow wide, swooping bottom turns whilst the launch area is protected by an upwind reef making it safe and easy to access without shore-dump. Its an ouststanding spot to get into wavesailing and combined with the flat conditions and point-break that we have down the road in Moses Bay makes El Tur, as we’ve always preached…the ‘Ultimate Windsurfing Playground’.

Contact bookings@oceansource.net or call +44 (0)1243 374615 to book your place now.
For more info, please visit www.oceansource.net

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