Habibi Beach, El Tur

Just straying slightly away from the ‘Oceansource Story’, I wanted to add a few words about a very special place on this planet called ‘Habibi Beach’. Having just spent a few days there shooting photos and video I was once again blown away by the unique setting that embraces this impressive location.

Habibi Beach

Habib Beach (El Tur, Egypt) / Copyright Oceansource.net 2010

What, waves in Egypt? You bet, this beach will deliver waves up to logo high on big days and is only a mere 5 mins. ride away from the main windsurfing centre. It’s extremely easy to sail as you launch across a sandy beach through shallow water with no shore break and venture out through waist-high waves before watching the water colour turn a vibrant turqoise as you head out to sea.

Hopefully this brief video clip will put the place into perspective.

I know, the new hotel was supposed to be finished at least 50 years ago but Egypt being Egypt and few cups of tea and shishas later we are actually nearing the reality of having a brand new hotel right on the beach – how good is that?!

Habibi Beach Hotel

Berrylands Hotel at Habibi Beach (El Tur, Egypt) / Copyright Oceansource.net 2010

Habibi Beach Hotel

Berrylands Hotel at Habibi Beach (El Tur, Egypt) / Copyright Oceansource.net 2010

There is definately something magical about this place that is difficult to describe without experiencing it for yourself. Perhaps its the combination of bright blue water coupled with a spectacular mountain range as a back-drop which turns amber orange as the sun drops and the lack of development which really gives it a wonderful sense of isolation.

For me personally, one of my favourite all-time experiences is to spend  a couple of hours riding and jumping at Habibi Beach followed by a 20-30 minute downwinder back to Moses Bay, a quick stop-off at ‘The Point’ (local point-break) for some air-time before heading back to the centre for a well-deserved beer. If you’re lucky enough you will even have the opportunity to say hello to our resident turtles and dolphins on the way in – happy days!

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