Hello, Hei, Ciao!

Welcome to our new blog!

Oceansource online community seems to be growing rapidly which is why this blog is as much about keeping our fans happy as well as giving us an opportunity to express the personality and passion behind our brand.

Oceansource.net will be three years old this summer although it only seems yesterday when the original concept was conceived. From the world’s largest online resource for windsurfing, surfing and kitesurfing travellers to a windsurfing centre in El Tur, Egypt and now rapidly growing specialist in the field of windsurfing and kitesurfing ‘experiences’, to say that the last three years have flown by has to be the understatement of the century.

Over the forthcoming weeks and months, we will be revealing how an idea shared between two passionate windsurfers has developed into a brand synonymous with windsurfing holidays, clinics and camps as well as our personal outlook, our experiences, ‘highs’ and ‘lows’, location updates and all that we are doing to provide you, our readers and customers, with Ultimate Windsurfing & Kitesurfing Experiences®.

Before I go however, I must warn you that from time to time you may encounter content in a different language. This is because our customer base is multinational so would be rude not to say something occasionally in their own mother-tongue! International content is provided through regional Oceansource representatives including Tero Nieminen in Finland and Mario Gozzetti in Italy. If you feel you have what it takes to become an official Oceansource representative where you are, please contact ed@oceansource.net

Back soon

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